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ONOS® is building a better network.

The Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is a software defined networking (SDN) OS for service providers that has scalability, high availability, high performance and abstractions to make it easy to create apps and services. The platform is based on a solid architecture and has quickly matured to be feature rich and production ready. The community has grown to include over 50 partners and collaborators that contribute to all aspects of the project including interesting use cases such as CORD.


ONOS Build 2017

Registrations are now open for ONOS Build 2017 on Sep. 20-22 at the Samsung R&D Campus in Seoul, South Korea


Get involved and join us!

Leading service providers and vendors are funding and contributing to this effort. Whether you are an individual or an organization, come on-board and contribute to ONOS. There’s a lot happening with our growing community of partners, collaborators, and individuals that you can take part in. Help us with development, documentation, testing and more.


See what all the excitement is about! Try ONOS yourself.

ONOS is designed to stand up to the demands of service providers. As a cluster based operating system, it scales horizontally with network size and application demand. We have demonstrated industry leading performance with high application throughput and low event response latency. ONOS makes application programming much easier with rich northbound abstractions all while maintaining a network view for applications. A pluggable southbound interface allows control of both legacy and OpenFlow enabled devices.


Check out the CORD project that is reinventing central offices for efficiency and agility

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