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All of the ONOS and CORD Videos from ONS 2016

May 5, 2016

There was a lot of information about ONOS and CORD that was shared at this year’s Open Networking Summit in March. Even if you were there for the entire conference it was impossible to see it all since the demos, mini-summits and other sessions were all happening in parallel.

Thankfully the event was recorded and we’ve gathered all of the content in this post so you can watch anything you missed. Thank you to the Linux Foundation for recording the sessions and thank you to Huawei for recording the demos.

Below we’re calling out some of the highlights, but there is much more available. Check out the ONS 2016 Videos page to get links to every ONOS and CORD session that was held there.


ONOS Architecture Rationale

Overview of the Open CORD Project

ONOS Demos

ONS2016 ONOS Intents and Dynamic Clustering Demo

ONS2016 ONOS Kiosk Demo

Global R&E Deployment Powered by ONOS

ONOS System Test Architecture

CORD Demos

Mobile CORD: Enable 5G on CORD

ONS2016 E-CORD Demo

ONS2016 R-Cord Demo

Adaptive Security Analysis with A-CORD