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Accelerating ONOS development with the brigade model

August 30, 2016

I’ve been working at ON.Lab for almost a year now and I’ve seen the community grow quickly during that time — there were around 30 organizations involved when I started and there are over 70 members contributing to ONOS and CORD today.


It is encouraging to see the community grow, but it also brings a challenge of how to coordinate a group that large to make sure we’re all working toward a shared goal. One way to address this is to communicate clearly about our vision for ONOS and invite people to work together on completing specific parts of that vision.

This is where the brigade model comes in — the idea is to create small teams around specific features that we want to ship in upcoming versions of ONOS. This can help us connect with other people in the community who are excited about that feature and it gives that group a framework for working together.

Code for America has been successfully using brigades to build new tools that help with local civic issues all across the country. There are many best practices we can take from that experience to help us get moving quickly with this model in our community. If you’ve been involved in a Code for America brigade, we’d be very interested to hear your thoughts.

For next steps, we’re starting to get brigades formed around a few key ONOS features — dynamic configuration, a new intent framework, SDN-IP and VPLS, and virtualization. We’ll share more details about each brigade soon and we encourage you to share thoughts and suggestions about the model and the specific brigades we’re starting with. Join the discussion about this on the onos-dev list.