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Survey results and feedback about ONOS Build

November 15, 2016

We asked people who attended ONOS Build to give us feedback about the event and we’ve had a good response so far. To help generate more ideas and input, we wanted to share some interesting results from the survey and see if people had additional thoughts and suggestions to add.

Below are details about survey results and then some thoughts about what this feedback means for how we handle future events.


90% of the respondents said that the event was more likely to get them to contribute — that’s a fantastic result and it really validates the value of community events like this. Over 90% of the respondents also said they made useful connections at the event and that’s encouraging too since we know that strong social bonds lead to an increase in duration of contribution activity for community members and yield better achievements



There was also very positive feedback around the content of the event. Most people said that the technical content was at the right level. People also said that almost all parts of the program were very useful. The hackathon was the only part that wasn’t described as very useful by a majority—most people called it somewhat useful. That’s not surprising since by design the hackathon was intended for a small part of the audience and not meant for everyone.



There is definitely some room for improvement around communications for the event. Less than a third of the attendees felt like they had all of the relevant information they needed, although a majority felt that had most of the information. Some of the communication channels we used, such as mailing lists and social media, also weren’t particularly effective.


Other feedback

The survey also raised a number of logistical concerns, such as sessions being out of sync with the schedule at times and there being a lack of food for vegetarians. Nothing was identified as being a major concern for attendees, but there were several issues identified that caused minor problems that we should address to improve everyone’s experience.

What this means for next time

The feedback has given us a lot to think about and so far these are the main things we’re considering tweaking in the future.

We should play with the balance of content. All of the content was identified as useful so we wouldn’t remove anything from the event, but we may try to give more time to things that were considered most useful. For example, if we have one fewer keynote presentation could we give more time to panel activities?

We should add in more structured social activities. We intentionally left unstructured time in the schedule to let community members self-organize social activities, but the structured social activities like the reception were identified as the most useful part of the event. Considering this we should look at ways to add more of that to the schedule. This could mean doing a social event on Thursday and/or Friday as well as a welcome reception on Wednesday. We could also expand the coffee breaks to give more space for people to socialize in between sessions.

We should streamline how we communicate. We had too many different channels for talking about the event and some of them weren’t that helpful, so we should consolidate information around the site since that was identified as the most useful resource.

We should set the location and date further in advance. The quick turn around for planning this event led to some community members being unable to attend because of visa reasons or conflicts with already scheduled activities. It also limited our ability to raise sponsorships since many organizations weren’t able to commit to sponsoring the event on short notice.

What would you change?

Does this feedback line up with your experience at the event? Are there other things you want to make suggestions about or things you would like to see changed for the next event like this? If so, please add your thoughts on this thread on the community-team mailing list.