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Community Blog Series: ONOS Build Hackathon Winners, Team Schnappi

December 15, 2016


If you attended ONOS Build 2016 last month (click here for David’s event recap), you likely observed the incredible work during the community showcase coming from our ONOS brigade and hackathon teams. At the end of the event, the community awarded prizes to hackathon teams Team LISP SBI (first prize), Team Schnappi (second prize) and Team Roll the Control (third prize). As part of our ongoing Community Blog Series, we connected with our hackathon winners to hear their thoughts about the open ONOS Project, ONOS Build and about their hackathon team.

In this post, we heard from Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya, SDN/NFV Architect at Verizon, as well as Loïc Minier, Consulting Architect at Canonical, who comprised the second place Team Schnappi.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your participation in the ONOS Project.

Viswanath: I’m from India and currently working for Verizon. I got acquainted with ONOS in August and I’m very happy to be part of the project. I started out as a normal user, later graduating to ONOS contributor level, and I’m now part of the ONOS GUI Brigade and also a proud ONOS Ambassador.

As a developer, I have always wanted to contribute to OSS projects, but often faced challenges in getting into the community for initial help. With ONOS, I found the community to be very open and approachable. I think that’s the best part of this project and I sincerely wish that ONOS community stays like this, even as the community grows over time.

Q: What do you think about ONOS progress so far?

Viswanath: I can see tremendous potential in ONOS and I’ve been very happy to see the way we are progressing. Every sprint has a sizable amount of key features without any dip in performance and quality. ONOS & CORD together defines the next paradigm shift in the networking world, especially for service providers, and I’m very happy to be part of this exciting journey.

Q: Tell us about your experience/what you learned at ONOS Build.

Viswanath: Attending ONOS Build was truly rewarding for me. In fact, I proposed the title “ONOS Build” analogous to an old command onos-build, that we used to have before. Whenever I see or hear the name ONOS Build, it reminds me how much the ONOS community values every member’s contribution and suggestion, without any bias.

As it happens, attending ONOS Build happens to be the first developer event I have ever attended and I’m glad to have taken part in this event. My connections and interactions with community members and ON.LAB members are now strengthened and I’m able to have more meaningful conversations.

I also had a chance to meet my GUI Brigade face-to-face ☺


Loïc: Based in Paris, I work from home for Canonical. My current role is around the new Ubuntu Core effort to create a rock-solid and slightly more embedded version of Ubuntu for production. My particular bias is towards networking matters – everything from CPEs to ToR switches.

I’m completely new to ONOS, so I took the opportunity of this first ONOS Build event to discover and snap up ONOS.


Q: What were your favorite parts of the Hackathon?

Viswanath: When I signed up for Hackathon, I had NO idea what I wanted to implement and I was not part of any team. I met my team captain Loïc for the first time at the venue. We decided the scope of the idea on the fly and just coded the solution – all during the Hackathon duration. The entire idea was conceived, planned and implemented on the spot. Now that is my favorite part!


Q: What did you think of coding live, in-person with the community?

Viswanath: Coding live was awesome. I had the privilege of working with Loïc and he taught me neat tricks with Ubuntu. He gave a crash course on Ubuntu snaps & snapcraft and guided me to write buck plugin for ONOS. I was back to my university days, doing a mini project & hacking ideas.

If not for this event, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to interact and work with people like Loïc, researchers from various universities, ON.LAB members, etc.

Q: What was the focus/goal of your team’s work?

Loïc: Our team goals were to:

  1. Make ONOS easy to install and consume
  2. Run ONOS in a secure sandbox

Q: What does your ONOS key feature/technical aspect bring to the code base?

Loïc:  We set out to make an ONOS snap, published in the snappy app store to make it easy to get ONOS and to run it in a sandbox.


Q: What are your thoughts on how open source will advance SDN for the telecom industry?

Loïc:  Networking used to be an old multi-layered cake, getting only more complex over time. SDN brings renewed creativity to this ecosystem and open source is the best way to let a thousand innovative approaches bloom.

Q: Any call-to-action?

Loïc and Viswanath: We’re looking for feedback on the ONOS snap but also for contributors (or even maintainers)! If you’d like to participate, please get in touch with Viswa ( or Loïc ( ☺

If you want to read more on snaps, is the place to start!