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ONOS Build 2017 – Update #1 : Venue and Location

May 18, 2017

As we mentioned during the last Community Steering Team call, we’re kicking off a series of blog posts these coming weeks/months that will provide regular updates on the advancement of the design, planning and execution of ONOS Build 2017. Importantly, everyone is encouraged to react to each blog post by sharing feedback directly on the community mailing list. Whether you have a concern you’d like to raise, or an idea you’d like to float, we’re all ears and we want to make sure ONOS Build reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.

For this first update, we’d like to share some information about the venue and location of the event, and specifically who will be partnering with on the ground.

Last year, ONOS Build took place in Paris and we chose to hold in Europe as a way to engage with and recognise the great work European contributors are doing. For those who attended,  you’ll remember that we had collaborated with the University of Pierre and Marie Curie and the LIP6 research lab, who offered to host the event at their renovated campus, right in the heart of Paris, and provided much needed logistical support.

For ONOS Build 2017, we’re continuing our push eastward and the focus is now on Asia. We’ve been seeing a lot of great work on ONOS coming out of Asia and we hope the event will not only shed light on all the amazing work that contributors in the region have been doing but also consolidate current efforts and catalyse new ones.

In keeping with the tradition of being hosted by a local ONOS supporter, this year, we’ll be collaborating with Samsung Electronics , who have kindly offered to host us in their Seoul R&D Campus in Korea. This state-of-the-art campus is located south of Seoul, just outside of the city and participants will be able to commute to and from the venue using Samsung’s free shuttle service. Samsung has been a very important partner for us both for ONOS and CORD ever since they joined the board of ON.Lab last summer. Their offer to support us in hosting our largest ONOS community event is testimony to their strong commitment to helping us grow the community and take the ONOS project to new heights.

Although a large proportion of participants at ONOS Build 2017 will be coming from Asian countries, the event is open to everyone and we will be welcoming participants from all over the world. We understand that for those living outside of Asia, travel might be a little longer and more tiring that you’re used to, but you can count on us to make the trip to Seoul worthwhile.

Which brings us to the topic for the next post in this blog series: Participating in ONOS Build 2017. Our next update will provide information on how you can get involved before and at the event, when you should plan to arrive and leave Seoul, what type of travel subsidies we’ll be providing and how to obtain a visa if you need one .

Stay tuned!

The OB17 Team