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Roadmap for how the GUI brigade will improve the ONOS interface

June 15, 2017

Steven Burrows from Villa-Tech has recently taken over the leadership of the ONOS GUI Brigade and has put together a roadmap for what this brigade will be focusing on in the coming months. If you’re interested in improving the ONOS interface, take a look at the roadmap below and join the #brigade-gui channel on Slack to introduce yourself and talk to Steven about how to get involved.

GUI Brigade Roadmap

For Developers

In the upcoming sprints the GUI brigade are focusing on improving the development experience when working on the Frontend. One part of this will be refactoring code to clean up the code base and another part will be implementing useful development tools such as:

Later, we will begin to introduce modern libraries (React, Redux, RxJS) and technologies (ES6 and Flow) that we believe be attractive to the community as well as speed up the development cycle.

Region Aware Topology

Here will be a continued effort in improving the new region-aware topology view with the focus on Overlays. In the upcoming release, we will be making changes and solidifying the Overlay API and begin porting the overlays used in classic topology to the new.

Improved Diagnostic Tools

We will be updating portions of the ONOS GUI to include more details about the network. A big benefit of this is to help engineers to diagnose network issues from the GUI without needing to touch the CLI. This is particularly aimed at, but is not limited to, a CORD use-case.