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Collaboration in Action: Meet the ONOS Teaching Brigade

July 17, 2017

Abdulhalim Dandoush, Ph.D. in Information Technology, leads the ONOS Teaching Brigade. The Teaching Brigade is committed to providing and re-organizing open source modular teaching materials at different levels to be used for courses targeted for several types of audience (networking professionals, undergraduate or master students of different backgrounds, Ph.D. students, software developers with/without experience in new networking technologies, etc.).

The Teaching Brigade team believes in reusing available resources from the community in order to build modular structured materials that start by introducing the big image and the presentation of all the NFV/SDN environment tools. Its ultimate long-term goal is to provide certification services for ONOS/CORD in addition to training support for the ONF/ONOS Partners.

Recently, the ONOS Teaching Brigade convened for three events in Paris held at Abdulhalim’s engineering school, ESME-Sudria. Two of these events were hosted in collaboration with the ONF Ambassadors program and with the help of Jian Li and William Quiviger.

We caught up with Abdulhalim to learn more about the recent ONOS events attended by the Teaching Brigade in Paris – read on for his recap!

The Brigade Workshop was a recent event Abdulhalim was particularly fond of, noting “During the two days of the workshop, brigade members Andrea Campanella, Lefteris Manassakis, Alexis MUNYANDEKWE, Ons Fares and Roua Touihri worked in two sub-groups to prepare a modular index of two beginner-level training modules (the teaching brigade considers three levels – beginners, network engineers or intermediate/expert developers). The two modules are ‘Introduction to SDN’ and ‘Introduction to ONOS.’ The members created JIRA tickets for the action points identified during the working days and had a great time working together face-to-face for the first time!”

The next day, the Brigade team helped host two events: the Paris ONOS Technical Tutorial and the ONOS Meetup. According to Abdulhalim, “The Teaching Brigade members ran two events on the third day: one for developers, where they were able to learn how to create an application within the distributed structure of ONOS; and another one for beginners covering an overview of the ONOS Project, its community and the SDN space.”

Abdulhalim welcomes more ONOS contributors and/or maintainers in the community joining their team “to share their experience about virtualization/SDN and ONOS. In the coming months, to gain new participants, we plan to run new events targeted for Master/PhD students to encourage people to share and participate!”

A key lesson the team learned during these events is the importance of making time for in-person Brigade meetings, as these meetings encourage collaboration and make it possible for team members to get to know one another. Meetup presentations and training events offer the brigade the opportunity to hear live feedback about the quality of the materials and help them to enhance their work.

To watch all four Teaching Brigade module discussion videos, please visit the ONOS Project YouTube channel here!

If you are interested in learning more about the Brigade, subscribe to the Teaching mailing list and introduce yourself!

Meet the Brigade in Seoul for ONOS Build!

ONOS Build is a developer conference designed and run by the community for the community. This year’s 2nd annual event is on September 20 – 22 in Seoul, South Korea. Whether you are contributing code to ONOS, participating in an ONOS Brigade or actively building up the community as an ONOS Ambassador, we would love to have you attend! Visit to learn how to get involved and plan your participation at ONOS Build 2017.