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ONOS Brigades: July Updates

July 27, 2017

Welcome to the first monthly ONOS Brigades Update! This month we have updates from the Lion, P4, Security & Performance Analysis, and Teaching Brigades.

Please also check out for additional brigade activities.

Lion (Localization/Internationalization)

As SDN becomes more popular, so does ONOS! However, most of the SDN and ONOS documentation is written in English. The Lion Brigade, where Lion stands for L10n, i.e. Localization (& Internationalization), started its mission in June 2017. Its objective is to make ONOS a bit more international by bringing more languages into play.

Lion has already developed a small prototype with translations into Italian, Korean and Chinese for the Cluster View. Next steps include: modifying each UI component to be localizable and obtaining translations from community members around the globe.

More details on the Brigade can be found at

Brigade Lead: Elisa Rojas, Telcaria


It’s just over one month since the P4 brigade kicked off, and already great progress has been made. The current scope of the brigade is to enable support for control of P4 devices using P4Runtime, a runtime control protocol being developed by the API working group. While working mostly on the ONOS southbound, to add support at the driver, protocol, and provide layer, the team is also working on some platform enhancements that are needed to enable the new protocol-independent paradigm defined by P4.

Support has been implemented for:

Initial working support is planned for the end of July by showcasing a simple fabric application running on top of a network of BMv2 switches in Mininet.

More details on the Brigade can be found at

Brigade Lead: Carmelo Cascone, ONF

Security & Performance Analysis

The brigade launched in April 2017. So far, the team has:

More details on the Brigade can be found at

Brigade Lead: Stefano Secci, LIP6


The Teaching brigade held a 2-day kick-off workshop and two events in collaboration with the Ambassadors program.

Brigade kick-off workshop: May 27-28, 2017 at ESME-Sudria, Paris
Over two days, the members worked in two sub-groups to prepare a modular index of two training modules for the Beginners. The teaching brigade considers 3 experience levels (Beginners, Network Engineers/Intermediate, and Expert/Developers). The two modules are “Introduction to SDN” and “Introduction to ONOS.” Jira tickets were also created for the action points identified during the workshop. The members had a great time working together face-to-face for the first time and enjoyed the social event in Paris including the Syrian/Lebanese food.

The two other events supported by the brigade were:

1st Paris ONOS Technical Tutorial: Developing a distributed application, which hosted about 25 participants. Check out the video at:

2nd Paris ONOS/CORD Meetup: “ONOS Overview and community,” which hosted about 30 participants. Check out the video at:

The next event will be a training session during ONOS Build 2017. Come and meet the team in Seoul!

More details on the Brigade can be found at

Brigade Lead: Abdulhalim Dandoush, ESME-Sudria