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Accelerating the Adoption of SDN & NFV

August 23, 2017

ONF’s Open Network Operating System (ONOS) continues to strengthen its leadership in performance, scalability and high availability as a carrier-grade SDN OS. It is an open source project that offers a rich set of network control and configuration abstractions, which make it easy for service providers to easily develop applications and services.

From its first release in 2014 called Avocet to the Kingfisher release in 2017, ONOS has continued to develop new features and functions in its distributed core, northbound and southbound interfaces. In fact, the improved performance and scalability have helped ONOS put a stake in the ground in the industry.

This new ONF white paper offers details about key performance metrics for an SDN controller, the evolution between the Blackbird and Kingfisher releases, testing results through REST API and use cases like Barefoot Networks’ Tofino silicon. It looks closely at the latest Kingfisher release and presents performance, scalability and high availability gains. Details on new classes of use cases and applications for ONOS, including 5G mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data analytics, mobile health, are also featured.

The complete white paper titled, “SDN Control Plane Performance,” can be read here.