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ONOS Metrics Dashboard Now Available

October 23, 2017

We’re excited to share that a new ONOS metrics dashboard is now available at:

This provides a range of metrics that cover most of the tools being used in the ONOS community, including Gerritt, Jira, mailing lists, Slack and more. There is a lot of information in here and we will be following up soon with more information about how you can use this as a resource to answer questions you have about the ONOS community. We’ll also be improving the dashboard over time as well.

Now that we have access to a range of metrics about ONOS this is a good time to have a discussion about what measures are important and relevant and what we should be doing with this data. We’ll be scheduling an open meeting soon for all community members to join to discuss this more. In the meantime, please feel free to share questions, comments and suggestions on this thread on ONOS-discuss.