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Join the gRPC Brigade to bring efficient language-agnostic communication to ONOS

October 24, 2017

The gRPC Brigade is focused on enabling more ONOS apps to be moved off-platform consuming fewer system resources and providing a degree of isolation to reduce the chances of a fault in an application affecting the system as a whole. This is being done using gRPC, a Google open-source project which provides efficient language-agnostic communication.

This functionality is critical both for ONOS applications as well as for CORD where gRPC can be used as a communication protocol to make VOLTHA talk to PON devices like an OLT.

The brigade was formed earlier this year and has made great strides in this effort and they’re looking for a few more people interested in this work to join the team. In particular, the brigade is looking for people with these skills:

1. Protobuf modeling
2. ONOS Northbound Interface (NBI)
3. Java programming skill
4. Basic knowledge on how to build, test and deploy ONOS

If you are interested in joining this effort, please sign up to the gRPC Brigade mailing list and introduce yourself and dial in to their weekly call on Monday 6pm – 7pm Pacific Standard Time.