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ONOS Performance and Security Analysis

November 3, 2017

ONF’s Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is rising as the de-facto open source controller able to quickly integrate recent advances stemming from the inclusive community that is being crafted and is increasing in size and quality. The community is indeed integrating novel ideas rising from industrial and academic fora, as well as from the many brigades that were created in the last months. Among the new ONOS brigade, the ONOS Performance and Security Analysis brigade was created in February 2017 with the goal of stressing the various components of the ONOS system in terms of performance and security with tests run by the community. The brigade is to date composed of active members from Airbus, CIT, ESME, LIP6, Nokia, ONF, Orange and QUB. The brigade output consists of alerting developers on outstanding performance and security issues and of documenting them in a regular report.

Under the lead of Stefano Secci from LIP6, the established brigade’s modus operandi is as follows: members from the community propose tests of performance, inspired by own on-going R&D activities; they run them and report preliminary results during brigade meeting and workshop, collecting feedback from ONOS experts; tests are then consolidated and documented in a brigade report; the brigade report is then shared with ONOS core developers for a period of 90 days, to allow fixing outstanding issues; when appropriated, the way outstanding issues were solved are documented in the latest version of the report that is then published by ONF as an Informational Report, upon review of the ONOS TST.
The tests are run on the latest ONOS versions. The brigade reports are meant to be published at least once a year and presented at ONOS Build event. The first report mostly covered ONOS 1.10 and 1.11, and it was published right before ONOS Build 2017 and comprises the following analysis:

The first report can be downloaded from here (ONOS section).

The brigade is constantly seeking for new blood and tests proposals. The next report will feature updates on previous performance and security tests for ONOS 1.12 and 1.13, and new tests on the path computation module and on the NETCONF SBI. Additional test proposals are welcome – feel free to contact the brigade lead to discuss them. The next brigade workshop will take place in February 2018 in LIP6, Paris, France.