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ONOS and CORD Build Event 2017 Recap

December 8, 2017

As the end of the year approaches and as the ONF begins to craft its community events strategy for 2018, it’s a good time to reflect on two particularly important community events that we organised this year.

ONOS Build 2017 and CORD Build 2017 were our two largest community events to date, that each brought our ONOS and CORD community members together under one roof, respectively.

The goals we set ourselves for these events were the following:

• engage with and consolidate relationship with communities around the world
• deepen people’s existing knowledge of ONOS/CORD and introduce them to new projects and initiatives
• align teams to reinforce efforts across the community and avoid duplication of efforts
• connect local companies interested in hiring talented developers
• strengthen ties with universities and prepare students for the future
• make the conference a forcing function for the ONF to deliver and share a roadmap and vision

Both events turned out to be very successful, with great turnout, excellent participation from attendees and enthusiastic support from our sponsors. By and large, we feel we accomplished what we had set out to do and we were also heartened to see very positive and constructive feedback in the post-event surveys we ran shortly after (here and here). Last but not least, we garnered great ideas and suggestions on how we can make improvements for future Build events.

Here are a few highlights:

TST Panels

The ONOS and CORD Technical Steering Teams both participated in panel discussion to answer questions from the audience, share their thoughts on their project roadmap and reflect on key challenges and opportunities in 2018.

SDN/NFV Tech Fairs

Tech Fairs offered contributors a unique opportunity to showcase and demo bleeding edge technology and exciting new projects. Specially equipped booths were provided to participating organisations.

Brigade Showcases

Team members from dozens of Brigades presented their work and roadmaps, testimony to the success of the Brigade experiment we embarked on last year.

Tutorials and Hands-on Sessions

The “ONOS Basics” sessions at ONOS Build and the “Trellis Track” proved to be particularly popular with attendees, offering unique hands-on tutorials and a deep dives “under the hood”.

Excellent content was produced in the run-up and during both events. We tried to capture as much content as we could on video and make available all the slides used by our speakers. You can find them here:

ONOS Build 2017 YouTube Playlist

ONOS Build 2017 Speaker Slides

ONOS Build 2017 Photos

CORD Build 2017 YouTube Playlist (coming next week…)

CORD Build 2017 Speaker Slides

CORD Build 2017 Photos

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone once again who attended and participated and a special thanks to our many sponsors, most notable Samsung and QCT for being such excellent hosts in Seoul and San José. We look forward to many more Build events in the years to come!