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Organizations supporting the Open Network Operating System (ONOS®)

The ONOS project would not exist without the funding of the sponsors listed below.


Our highest level of membership is the Partner designation. The following partners are some of the most well-known and respected corporations in the world. They are leaders in the communications industry. We are grateful for their generosity.

“Software-defined networking can radically reshape the wide area network. The introduction of ONOS provides another open source SDN option designed for service provider networks with the potential to deliver the performance, scale, availability and core features that we value”

John Donovan
Senior Executive Vice President
AT&T Technology & Operations
“Open sourcing is a way to foster community engagement and accelerate innovation for SDN. We’re pleased to see carrier-class capabilities like performance, scale and high-availability being addressed in the work at ON.Lab. We’re proud to support the work on ONOS. It will help the industry transition from vertically-siloed systems to a common infrastructure based on SDN and NFV.”

Al Blackburn
Vice president
Domain 2.0 Architecture and Planning
“ON.Lab is developing ONOS, an open and distributed network operating system for SDN for service provider networks working on performance, scale-out design, high availability, and core features. Intel is also a member of ON.Lab and a collaborator in the ONOS work.”

Intel and AT&T to Drive Research to Enable Software Defined Networking.
By Wen-Hann Wang on October 20, 2014
"Ciena is a sponsor of ON.Lab and a founding member of the ONOS Project and over the years has worked closely with ON.Lab leadership on various projects. The interest and participation of key network operators like AT&T and NTT Communications, the particular focus on the wide area networks that power service providers, and the community of expertise involved – including some of the inventors and early visionaries in the SDN field – was irresistible to us."

Francois Locoh-Donou
Senior Vice President of Global Products Group
“As a disruptive provider of mobile access, core, IMS, and telco datacenter integration solutions, Radisys is committed to accelerating service operators’ plans in transitioning to personalized telco cloud environment. This transition will result in transformational TCO savings while enabling untethered agility to better handle and monetize the ongoing explosive growth in data and video traffic.”

Brian Bronson
President and Chief Executive Officer
"Radisys is privileged to be a strategic collaborator for ON.Lab/ONOS on Mobility CORD (M-CORD) project, a progressive initiative to bring SDN, NFV and Cloud’s full range of possibilities to the Telco Mobile Networks. One critical step is through disaggregating the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) systems and integrating open-source SDN principle to enable a host of new cloud-based services in the Central Office. The combination of M-CORD revolutionary approach and Radisys' market leadership in enabling wireless infrastructure solutions, will help transform service provider's infrastructure to increase their monetization by accelerating new innovative service creations using the power of open SDN/NFV."

Joseph Sulistyo
Director of Product Strategy and Management


The following organizations have been invited to be ONOS Collaborators. They are committed to making ONOS successful and bringing value to the ONOS community through contributions in their areas of expertise.

"Akamai and ON.Lab are collaborating to demonstrate third-party services running on CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter). CORD is architected to support both Access-as-a-Service (akin to vCPE) and conventional Software-as-a-Service. Akamai’s Aura CDN and AnswerX DNS products enable ON.Lab to stress-test the CORD implementation with real-world, virtualized and elastically scalable services. The collaboration helps Akamai demonstrate that its products work as anticipated in the context of the NFV/SDN-driven network transformation occurring at many network operators.”

Anand Parikh
Senior Director of Business Development, Carrier Products
"Cavium is excited to collaborate with ON.Lab and the ONOS community. The Mobility CORD project not only showcases SDN and NFV technologies, but also experiments with mobile edge computing and disaggregating a virtualized mobile infrastructure. Cavium collaborates on M-CORD using our C-RAN solution which includes vBBU (baseband VNF) running on ARMv8 based COTS servers and intelligent remote radio units, as well as SDN switch with programmable pipeline."

Kin-Yip Liu
Sr. Director, Systems Engineering and Segment Marketing
"Internet2 and ON.Lab have been collaborating as strategic partners in SDN for several years, particularly deploying OpenFlow based backbone networks. Last week, Internet2 announced that its nationwide 100G OpenFlow based network had been virtualized to support new SDN innovations like ONOS and we are really excited to introduce ONOS innovations in to our network fabric. Internet2 has been an early collaborator on ON.Lab's SDN tools and platforms and we have been already experimenting with ONOS and look forward to deploying it to support collaborations among US Universities and their global peers as soon as ONOS is ready for production deployment.”

Rob Vietzke
Vice President of Network Services
“The Next Generation Internet Protocol, IPv6 is essential to build scalable networks for the future. With SDN and NFV taking roots in the Service Provider Networks, it is great to see IPv6 support enabled on SDN controllers like ONOS. At Criterion Networks we are glad to collaborate with the ONOS community to validate IPv6 on the controller platform and help the operators derive greater benefit from Open SDN solutions”

Jayaprakash Kumar
Co-Founder & Director-CNLabs
Criterion Networks
“CREATE-NET is proud to collaborate with ONLab on the development of open-source tools for the wide community of SDN software engineers. When it comes to carrier-grade core networks, a highly reliable, distributed and yet easy to be enhanced platform like ONOS is a very compelling solution.”

Elio Salvadori
Research Director
“The ONOS operating system provides a solid foundation for application development with performance, scalability and high availability. Its architectural integrity - modular design with clean boundaries between different software layers - is critical to ensure system extensibility and flexibility. We at the Happiest Minds appreciate such a platform and are contributing to the acceleration of SDN adoption by adding the NetConf extension to the ONOS southbound interfaces. Happiest Minds is a leader in enabling disruptive technology solutions and services, and we will continue our contributions to ONOS.”

Rohit Kumar Basa
Director – Business Development
Happiest Minds Technologies Private Limited
"It has become a key issue for operators' network to provide more flexible and efficient services. ONOS is a platform that help operators' network to achieve the goal. It is a great honor for us to join the ONOS project,” said Yunjie Liu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the leader of BUPT FNL. “We have high hopes that ONOS can serve as a smart and sound platform to meet the demands of customized services in future networks. We have the best wishes to see ONOS’s continued success."

Yunjie Liu
Leader of BUPT FNL and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
“We chose ONOS rather than alternative consortiums for three major reasons: 1) The ONOS platform is more suitable for WAN, which is where we play; 2) We were looking for a carrier grade platform suited to our customers - from a scale and performance perspective; and 3) its aims for truly programmable networks.”

Hayim Porat
TCS is pleased to collaborate with ON.Lab for the development of ONOS, which is a highly-scalable, open-source carrier-grade SDN platform for multi-layer networks. TCS' expertise in the SDN domain will help accelerate the 'Multi-Clusters Peering Provider' project. We are committed to developing scalable SDN and NFV solutions for our customers.

V. Rajanna
Vice President and Regional Head
Global Head - Technology Business Unit