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Guru Parulkar Guest Post in Network Computing: Accelerating SDN Deployment

Guest post by Guru Parulkar in Network Computing

The ONF’s Open Innovation Pipeline aims to build integrated solutions to speed SDN adoption.

If you want to transform something, truly change the way it’s done, you first have to break it down. The network infrastructure industry has been undergoing a major transformation and not surprisingly this has involved breaking open the network into parts, which has clear cost and agility benefits. By disaggregating networking devices and separating control from data, software-defined networking (SDN) lets operators run open-source networking software on commodity hardware to take advantage of the open networking movement that has sprung up across the industry.

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Telco Transformation: ONF Opens Up Innovation Pipeline Program

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is taking the open source bull by the horns via its new Open Innovation Pipeline initiative that was announced on Tuesday. The Open Innovation Pipeline project is a combined effort between ONF and ON.Lab, both of which announced late last year that they were combining their efforts into a single entity under the ONF brand. While that merger is moving towards its final stage, ONF designed the Pipeline project as a means to industrialize and open up the process for new SDN-based applications and services. READ MORE.

Computer Weekly: ONF lays out innovation roadmap for SDN and NFV

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has announced an Open Innovation Pipeline to guide the industry towards the next phase in the lifecycle of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualisation (NFV), with network device disaggregation, open source platforms and software-defined standards all high on the agenda. The Innovation Pipeline came about following the alignment of operations between the ONF and the Open Networking Lab (ON Lab), which are in the process of merging. READ MORE.